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A hero's journey… with a most unlikely hero.
Yellowbird is a teeny tiny orphaned bird. A bird that has never left the nest, has no family, yet desperately wants one… That is, until he finds himself leading a flock on their annual migration to Africa.


  • GENRE: 3D CGI animation feature
  • RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes
  • PRODUCTION: TeamTO - Haut et Court



Voiced by Danny Glover

Darius is loved and revered by all. He is a debonair but slightly preoccupied wise leader of the flock. His reassuring head of family guidance has led the flock through numerous migrations. His unexpected disappearance early on creates a big void which Yellowbird will try to fill.


Voiced by Zachary Gordon

The eldest son of Maggie is so bored. He's so been there done that. He knows everything... or so he thinks.

The Owl

Voiced by Elliott Gould

The Owl is an exuberant salesman. He would sell his mother and children to make profit... But in a charming way!

Willie & Maggie

Voiced by Brady Corbet & Jamie Denbo

Willy, a stocky-built romantic, with a delicate core. He has feelings for Maggie but her kids and his brother have a tendency of getting in the way... Maggie, a single mother of four. She is mentally overwhelmed by her feisty children, yet she is always smiling. Everyone thinks she is quite the looker, everyone but herself, that is.


Voiced by Jadon Sand

Truly believes he is all grown-up, and lives like he is. Now if he could just shed the trappings of his fledgling body.


Voiced by Dakota Fanning

Delf is young, yet mature beyond her years. She is smart, strong willed, positive and a natural teacher. However, the death of her father Darius, has hit her hard. Her natural reaction is to seek out another leader for the flock while trusting in her father's instincts and final wishes...


Voiced by Seth Green

Yellowbird is a teeny tiny bird, who has no business leading a whole family of birds on migration. He is a bird that has never left the nest, has no family, yet desperately wants one. Overwhelmed by a sense of guilt and love for his newfound friends, he grows fully into the bird and leader he needs to be to rescue everyone.


Voiced by Jim Rash

He's Michka and Janet's stubborn, opinionated and loud, yet well-meaning son. Claiming to have a 6th sense Karl rapidly notices that they are going in the wrong direction. Though his bad temper and arrogance have turned off his flock so much they cannot hear what he's been telling them all along.

Janet & Michka

Voiced by Christine Baranski & Richard Kind

Janet is Darius' irreverent and slightly saucy sister. Keeping an ever-watchful eye on her brood and that of others, she is quick to share her comments.
Michka, Janet's calm and carefree husband is a little on the chubby side. He only wants harmony among the flock.

Lisa, Anton, Gigi

Voiced by Tara Strong, Ryan Lee & Joey King

Lisa, Maggie's eldest daughter, she's both super smart and super tiny. Anton is Maggie's son, a true Tom Sawyer type in the form of a bird. Gigi, Maggie's youngest daughter, and the girliest girl of the bird world. Barbie birdies beware.


Voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown

Ladybug has cared for Yellowbird as a mother; Ladybug has been Yellowbird's best friend from the moment he hatched in the abandoned house. Sassy Ladybird understands his needs, and wants him to see the world and be with his own kind.


Christian De Vita, Director

Benjamin Renner, Creator of the design

Antoine Barraud Script writer
Cory Edwards Additional materials
Stephen Warbeck Composer
20syl End-credits Song

Corinne Kouper


Yellowbird is out
on DVD and Digital HD


Applestore Google play coming early 2015

Yellowbird - As the Birds Fly

Based on the Yellowbird movie, As the Birds Fly is an arcade game in which you will alternatively simulate the flight of Yellowbird and his fellow birds in new adventures !

The game features 16 levels with different game modes.
4 playable birds, exclusive bonuses and amazing flying sensations are on the menu !

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Extras Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack
Available on all digital platforms

  • Original musics from Stephen Warbeck, Oscar winner for Shakespeare in Love.
  • YELLOW original composition for the movie by 20syl, membre of C2C.
  • SPREAD YOUR WINGS, interpreted by Mathilda Homer

A musical production by TeanTO, 22 Music in collaboration with On&On Records.